Though Waterland Wijnen is a young company, we bring experience and know-how to the tables, and with our passion, dedication and enthusiasm we are stepping ground into new markets.




We are mainly wholesaler and distributor of retail brands, but planning to release our own label 'Waterland' in the fall of 2017.


Our business model is selling quantity wines to clubs, bars and restaurants at favorable prices. Kept in mind that quality and taste is never comprimised in our selections, we target mass distribution in order to give our clients the best prices along side a reliable service and flexible deliveries.



What started out as a fun and creative experiment has now lead to our first own labeled wine 'Waterland Classic'.


A classy concept targeted Clubs, Bars and Restaurants - at first in Amsterdam as our test hub - but with plans to launch at a broader scale. Class has no borders, and with fruity taste and quality, we will try to reach new heights.



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Wine Tasting

October 21, 2016


First tasting, Waterland Classic.


November 10-12, 2016


Hong Kong International Wine & Spirits Fair.

Wine Tasting

May 19, 2017


A selection of our best wines are up for a taste.

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